Windows 10

How to Find The MAC Address in Windows 10

Every component, device or interface has got a unique hardware ID which is known as MAC (Media Access Control) address. This MAC address can be find easily for your network card in Windows 10 wit just few simple steps. MAC address which is also known as hardware address or physical address is necessary to be known in order to setup various hardware components. (more…)

How to Turn On Hey Cortana in Windows 10

If you are using an Android Phone you must have experienced voice commands at any time by saying the magic word OK, Google. As the Android device is always listening so the voice commands can be executed. But when it comes to Windows 10’s Cortana the voice assistant will not wake up till you click on the search box. (more…)

How to Share a Web Page in Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that has been developed by Microsoft and has been included in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer as a default web browser. (more…)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Hitting different key combinations instead of rolling over the mouse across the screen saves much of your precious time. These key combinations are called keyboard shortcuts and in this tutorial we are going to learn various different keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 which has got loads of such combinations. (more…)

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