Hitting different key combinations instead of rolling over the mouse across the screen saves much of your precious time. These key combinations are called keyboard shortcuts and in this tutorial we are going to learn various different keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 which has got loads of such combinations. Windows 10 has got many new features and for launching them there are various different keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used for navigating around your operating system and also for organizing the layout of your desktop. Listed below are some of the useful keyboard shortcuts.

New Shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Windows Key + I: Opens Windows settings.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl+ D: Creates a virtual desktop.
  • Windows Key + F1: Opens Edge and Searches.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: Closes virtual desktop currently selected.
  • Windows Key + A: Opens notifications of Windows 10.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right: Switches between virtual desktops.
  • Windows Key + Print Screen Key: Creates screenshot of the whole screen in Photos app.

Shortcuts about Connecting and Sharing

  • Windows Key + K: Connects to audio devices as well as wireless displays.
  • Windows Key + H: Shares content.
  • Windows Key + E: Opens Windows Explorer.

Shortcuts for Cortana

  • Windows Key + Q: Cortana’s Home View is opened with this shortcut and it also enables search via speech or via keyboard entry.
  • Windows Key + C: Cortana’s Speech prompt is opened.

Windows Standard Shortcuts

  • Windows Key + L: Windows 10 device will be locked.
  • Windows Key + Enter: Narrator is opened. (Narrator is a program which can read the text)
  • Windows Key + Tab: Task View of Windows 10 is launched.
  • Windows Key: Start Menu of Windows 10 will be opened.

This Post was Last Updated On: December 30, 2023