All about Slides in MS PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint presentations are composed of a series of slides and these slides contains the information which you present to the people. The information is composed of images, text and charts etc. Working with slides in PowerPoint 2013 you are required to have a basic knowledge of slides and slide layouts. (more…)

Creating a New and Opening Existing Workbooks in MS Excel 2016

All the files that you create in MS Excel are known as workbooks. In order to create a new project in MS Excel you need to create a new workbook. In order to create a new workbook you can either opt for a blank workbook or go for a predesigned template. (more…)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Hitting different key combinations instead of rolling over the mouse across the screen saves much of your precious time. These key combinations are called keyboard shortcuts and in this tutorial we are going to learn various different keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 which has got loads of such combinations. (more…)

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