How to Change Icon Size in Windows 10

Some of the users want the desktop icons to be bigger enough so that they can easily tap the touchscreen laptop and on the other hand some of the users may wish the icon size to be a bit smaller so that the shortcuts don’t take much of your screen space. Well luckily Windows 10 lets you change the size of the icons easily. (more…)

Adding or Removing Cortana from the Windows 10 Lock Screen

With Windows 10 Anniversary Updtae Cortana feature has been made available from the lock screen. Now you can use Cortana feature without logging in to your account and can check latest news and weather reports. You can also set reminder which will sync with your phone. (more…)

How to Uninstall Any Program in Windows 10

All of us must have experienced uninstalling the programs from our PCs. It is one of the most common and important tasks which the users perform. Uninstallation of the applications is an easy affair when you are dealing with Windows XP or Windows 7. There are many uninstallation applications available which offers its services for removing the applications from your system. (more…)

How to Enable or Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

In Windows 8 the main thing which was annoying the users was the absence of Start screen. Windows 10 though has tried to fix the problem with a separate full screen tablet mode which has soothed the angry masses to some extent. Tablet mode provided by Windows 10 provides a very touch friendly experience by making all of the applications to run at full screen plus it gives you a Start Screen instead of Start Menu. (more…)

How to Find and Replace Words in MS Word 2016

In MS Word when you are working with longer documents it will be very a laborious and very difficult activity to find a specific word. Luckily MS Word has got a Find feature which will let you find any specific word or phrase in a fraction of a second. You can also replace any word to any other word with the help of a Replace feature. (more…)

Formatting of Text in MS Word 2016

Formatting of a text is vital in drawing the attention of the people to some specific parts ina document. MS Word will let you format your text in various different ways like including fonts, its size and color etc. (more…)

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